Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Trump for President... in Reality

    Inevitably, the argument I hear the most is that the GOP want Bernie to succeed and divide the Dems. My support for Bernie is ill-advised because there is a plot to support him over the obvious next president.

    And... well... keep this secret, I am am actually in reality completely "all in" for the Donald. We need to go all in for a revolution..... a reality Presidency. Let America show its true face to the world. We are a reality show pure and simple. Don't judge us, watch us. We need cameras in the oval office. How else is the majority that has gone through our failed education system and the higher education of our "news" programming going to understand what is going on? Read? I think not. More crappy "news" programming? Forget it.

     I am firmly saying "Go Trump" in full knowledge of the absolute embarrassment of having a jackass with a double digit lead over the next "serious" candidate. I sincerely believe reality TV is the way to go for any GOP presidency. BUT....  it is hard to imagine that as a GOP Trump supporter I would be pushing Bernie Sanders. To say that I,  at one and the same time, would be putting Trump in the lead while simultaneously being wise enough to create the large number that are showing up to hear progressive, not even far progressive things, but merely progressive things from Sanders.... is incredulous. Democracy is what it is. There are all sorts of forces and the one with the most votes wins.

     I have one caveat. People who do not want Hillary, who hate Hillary, whether a solid GOP voter or an independent probably like Sanders as an option. This is the "hate Hillary" vote and her negatives are indeed way up there from either the main stream media or whatever. The problem here is: as unelectable as Dems think Sanders is, what are the negatives for Hillary? We have them in the polling figures. They aren't insignificant and are a factor to ignore only on reality TV.

     Bernie Sanders is not the jackass in the lead that Trump is. Remember, I support that jackass, so chill. "Jackass" has been bantered around by a lot of politicians and I believe in this jackass. 

    Bernie is not an embarrassing jackass but a sincere man. This distinguishes him from comparison with Trump. I maintain that if any one of these other crappy GOP candidates (you have to admit these are the worst ever.. ever... EVER) get in there to the general election (and I'm pulling for Trump enough to vote for him in the primaries and certainly in any poll I am given) literally either of the two front running Dem candidates has a solid chance as does any of the GOP candidates (education and "news", remember? And I know that Trump beat up some wrestling guy on the reality TV of wrestling a while back. He is a contender.) 

    I'm not sure how different that chance is for either Dem in the long run. Finally... this is democracy. I have made my choice: Trump! 

    For Hillary supporters "Stop beating up on Bernie. He is speaking everything modern Dems want, out loud, and drawing crowds the size of pro-wrestling crowds in a non-reality setting. I mean non-reality show reality setting. I have a feeling the two are the same for us Trump supporters."

     For Sanders supporters "Your views are being heard even in this field of candidates that seem only interested in getting elected. Actual views are being heard. Stop beating up on Hillary. They only beat you up back and neither are interested in a pro-wrestling venue."

     For Trump supporters, you have my full support. Reality... that word says it all. What is more important than reality? 

    I want a fair election between Trump and anybody. Reality vs. reality, if you will. It is the only way this country will pull itself from the mire of ignorance it is in. It is the best chance. Think of it... the "game show scandals" of the 50's except in the White House... we would clean house. And isn't that what we really want? A reset?

    I am feeling more and more like that schizophrenic guy who painted cats.