Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From Worse to Bad

I usually get my news from Google news. Headlines have been abysmal until just the other day when the three news stories highlighted were Japan got electricity to it's cooling systems, the UN gave it's approval to the no fly zone and enforcement thereof, and the Wisconsin law was temporarily put on hold by a judge. Wow, a trifecta, well temporarily.

Now Obama is under attack from the extremes of both parties. CBS online asks if the President's move is constitutional. I don't know... the last President I checked took that Commander in Chief stuff to stratespheric levels. And didn't the War Powers Act, intending to limit presidential powers after Nixon, still allow the President to bomb the heck out of anyone he wanted to for 90 days. I think he has to inform congress. Why ask if it's unconstitutional?  That's just entertainment.

Just a while back Obama's adminstration's foriegn policy was on the ropes because he didn't strike quickly enough in Libya. That's entertainment!

Plus, we haven't declared an actual war since World War II. I remember filing catalog cards for books on the Vietnam War that instead had the subject "Vietnam Police Action." No kidding. The Korean War was a police action.
 Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) told Hotsheet today that it's an "indisputable fact" that President Obama committed an impeachable offense by authorizing a military attack without congressional approval.
"The next question is what does Congress do it about it," Kucinich said, adding that he hasn't said he's introducing a resolution for impeachment.  source
Hmmm. Impeachment already?

Some Republicans, meanwhile, are also calling for congressional approval if America is going to war, among them Sen. Richard Lugar. GOP Rep. Walter Jones has complained that Congress has effectively been "neutered."  source
Well, duh, yeah, You guys were effectively neutered about everything under the sun when votes in the Senate came to need 60 votes every time. It's permanent filibuster. The fringes of the Democratic Party came out of the woodwork for every last vote even when when the Dems had a super majority. The way you guys get along, neither party can effectively pass anything of substance. Heaven forbid we actually need you for something important. Just saying...