Monday, July 21, 2014

Professionalism. No, just kidding.

From 8 Lies Most Bosses Tell:
#4 “We're one big happy family.”
In real life happy families don’t keep secrets from one another, and tend to share everything equally. The most wretched places to work are those in which bosses and employees replicate the yelling, spanking, criticism, deception, and cruelty that play a huge role in the horrors of a miserable childhood. Your best bet is to quietly refuse the entire premise of the lie and remember that it’s not personal, it’s business.

You have got to admit that this is some skilled, competent, and able advice.

I liked reading this article, although it did not seem professionally written... really. Even so, using the article's standards, I seem to have had fairly honest bosses... or is that part of the "8 Lies Employees Tell in Public Blogs" thing I was writing?

And by all means... on #4, professionalism is the way to go. I highlight this one section here because you should believe it, son. Wherever I have made mistakes, it always involved the personal. Leave that personal stuff for others to make mistakes with... because participation in mistakes is not mandatory.

I came from a fairly dysfunctional family. It included yelling, spanking, deception, and yes, even cruelty... most of which I actively participated in myself, ashamedly. Families may just be like that or more likely, it was a myth that I had a happy family. It would have been nice had I remained professional in every way... had I just known what it meant to be professional and how to apply that to... a.... family... I guess... oh hell.

But alas... everything is so darned personal these days. And you, yeah you reading this... just leave me the heck alone.

Oh.. by the way, my wife and current family are all awesome! I just don't bring them to work.