Monday, January 26, 2015

Please Rachel

The incomparable researcher and presenter Rachel Madow should leave MSNBC for any better outlet. The ever declining but once competent CNN would probably love the chance and give her a nice long contract with funding. By sticking with a network that cannot take a stand other than "lean forward" while putting embarrassing "Morning Joe" on the roster she strengthens what should rightfully be considered a failed 24 hr news network. HBO and Comedy Central do the progressive movement far more favors than this sloppy outfit that seems to have no intention of expanding and taking on Fox News on its own turf. Its news gathering is still abysmal many years after booting Keith Olbermann because his opinions did not fit the MSNBC's standard of journalism. Where is the news organization whose ideals were so strongly thought to be more important? 

To effect real change I would suggest that Rachel blow a hole in MSNBC's schedule and see how they fill it. Rachel can do better than a network that would rather exploit our prison population than produce news. Short term ratings pandering with no long term plan has been the mark of MSNBC this holds back one of the best researched and most effective progressive shows I have ever seen. 

PBS's Frontline is the only organization producing actual news in the US. CNN is marginally beginning to shake off its failures. MSNBC either needs to model a real news organization that finances news gathering or get off the pot.