Saturday, February 5, 2011

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Coffee klatsches, hmmmm..... the 1950's version of a tea party?? Thank goodness we have Starbucks now to keep those coffee klatsches from forming. 

 I'm thinking that the treatment of doctors depicted in the film (who go where the money is as their main objective instead of helping sick people) might be too good for one millionaire doctor I have known who callously ignored testing me for osteoporosis (that I did have*) because I was a man (and therefore unlikely to get it) and because she had so little time to treat me in my 5 minute window on her assembly line of treatment offices created for milking the most money out of her practice. First, grab her SUV and then put her family in the back of  a 1950's vegetable truck, yes. But don't take her somewhere else to misdiagnose others and milk insurance companies, our health care co-op, so to speak.

I also enjoyed the evil vision of socialism at the end of kids doing calisthenics. I'm not sure... wouldn't socialism be worth it just to get kids away from video games and outside getting some exercise? This is thought provoking.

And I'm a little surprised they missed the idea of editing in some sound when they added Obama's picture. Some evil sounding crescendo would be awesome.  Dum dum dum......Perhaps that would be just a little to kitsch for these tea party klatschers.

People actually virally forwarded this email to warn against the evils of everyone having health care. The level of thought today apparently hasn't changed much from the 50's. Much of the 50's had to do with keeping people in their place. No socialism was apparently needed to keep "Negroes" separated off from those white folks depicted in the video deserving rights and freedom of choice and freedom of health care. It was a great time for white folks. They still had vinyl records.**  :) 

* At a health fair sponsored by my government employer, a screening test was done for osteoporosis on my heel. The tester warned me that the results were dangerously low. My doctor thought, because I was a man, that I didn't need the full test. She said "You don't have osteoporosis. Those screening tests are notoriously unreliable." Two years later, when I switched doctors because of other crap she had done to me, I wanted to be tested  and was. The test said I was very close to osteoporosis, then the next time I was tested, despite the treatments, I had full blown osteoporosis. Two years of time where I could have been treated were wasted because the doctor made a snap judgement in the 5 minutes she had with me. I had trusted her and the system.

 ** The forces of capitalism got together in monopolistic fashion later to make sure we all had to buy CDs and made sure that vinyl records would disappear. They organized the record stores to get vinyl off the shelves. They actively controlled the marketplace to make their dream happen (without socialism). Their dream? That all of us would rebuy our collections on CD which we already had on vinyl. Too bad cd's became so easy to copy... oops.