Sunday, February 20, 2011

Counting our Coins from Tax Cuts Instead of Sheep

"Even if Congress eliminated all of the nation's nondefense, discretionary spending and defunded domestic Cabinet departments, it would save only about $500 billion, leaving an operating deficit this year of $1 trillion."   - L.A. Times
Of course, we cannot raise taxes, or drop tax cuts, or cut entitlements, or defense... all this ado about the miniscule in the House of Representatives is a dreamworld for the wooly brained sleepy eyed folks. Yawn... Then there is the growing piece of the shephard's pie we will never be able to cut out of our expenses --the amount we pay in interest payments on all this borrowing, borrowing that is really only necessary to make sure we will not awaken from our dreamy slumber.

Yawn.....I'm sheepy, ummm sleepy, good night. 
Awaken me when the inflation comes around to shear my coins.
Stretch...yawn, oh we'll just blame that on Obama, and I'll just catch a few more winks then.....these late nite congressional sessions are killer......zzzzzzzz