Friday, June 3, 2011

My Gosh Michael

Ok, ok. The new new beginning. Following a cruise... water calm, sun shining, happy times, I decided that blogging to myself wasn't so bad after all. :)

So, first up, Charter Communications. Evidence of Schizophrenia: I called from the cruise ship to make sure that my wife had Internet access. "I am counting on you personally young lady, to make sure that my wife has Internet access while I'm on my cruise. Please do whatever has to be done to get it fixed. Will you do that for me?"  "Yes, sir, I will personally make sure it is fixed." "Thank you so much. That is such a relief."  End Result: no service for my wife for two weeks, no one showed up to fix the problem.

Now... I'm not sure whether this next bit is schizophrenia or anal retentiveness, but this has pretty much been the toughest rebate I have ever done in the history of rebates. As always, I will probably jump through every hoop the set to get every penny as I have in the past. I'm guessing "lost in the mail" will be an excuse because there in the fine print it says "Proof of mailing does not constitute proof of delivery."  But, regardless of how they try to umm keep the money they offered me, I will persist in calling customer service or whatever until I get my rebates. As I submit my photographic evidence below, please keep in mind that each envelope contains full copy of the first Charter bill which goes to the same P.O. Box but requires different envelopes because of the different offer numbers which are part of the address. I combat anal retentiveness with my own super anal retentiveness. A confirmation number is asked for on some of the rebates, others it is already preprinted. The confirmation number I am required to submit is either the one Charter sent me, the one sent me, or the one that is preprinted on the other offers. In one of the offers I am to send a "copy" of an invoice of a cable modem that was shipped to me, another requires the exact invoice. In one of the offers I am to send a "copy" of a bar code, on the other I am to send the bar code from the package. Photographic Evidence:

All to same P.O. Box, all with different addresses. Each rebate form says: "Mail these items to: [different addresses with same P.O. Box]. Please keep a copy of all materials submitted for your records."

Should I add on proof of delivery postal costs? Yes Sir, go ahead honorable customer, multiply that times five!

The wait for rebates (10 to 16 weeks).... umm is that 4 months? Why.... yes Sir, it is, honorable customer!

Wait why would Charter treat me so shabbily? Umm Sir... " is an independently owned and operated company. Charter Communications has contracted with to serve strictly as a rebate intermediary for purposes of this offer."

Is it fun working there?  I'll guess the answer is "No, Sir."