Monday, June 6, 2011

The Trouble IS...

 Problematic email:




 .........and which country do you get when you have a technical problem with your computer?

Comment: wow that was bold and large. I'm still reeling...   Yet, what is true here, aside from the single case scenario pictures? Look at the "school bus" from Japan. Does it look safe to you?  Actually this must be a computer lab of some kind on wheels. Park it next to a school and bring out the computers. They don't even seem to have any unique features built for travel. The bus says "Microsoft" on the side of it. Photographers are taking pictures. The bus isn't rolling down the road. It's a photo op.

While the actual school bus in India has "established 1951" on it. "An English Medium Co-Education" dates it as well. "Medium" I get but "CoEd?" That term is way old. Smack of colonial times? "English Medium School:" you bet it does.When was this photo taken? Sure this is a poor country but swagger and underestimate them at your peril. Further, the comparison made is between Japan and India.  Either way, we are outsourced.

This India school bus may seem funny which is precisely why it was photographed and probably why it was even given to them.... making fun of their unimportant lives. Though, perhaps the missionaries were just carried away with Anglicanism. Perhaps the picture has not even been doctored but again why does it have "English" on it and why is it yellow?  But even a lazy mind can figure out that this is just one picture. Could there be other school buses? Why, yes indeed.

A quick search revealed this school bus in India that someone had photographed. Yellow (this time probably as a result of time and the success of missionaries rather than as a gift, but who knows?) and crude, yes, but actually, anyway, its what your students are doing inside the CLASSES not the school buses. Apart from the bad accents, Indian customer services reps are very bright. I think the Philippines have more friendly customer service (and much better accents) but India usually has the better techs. Their school system must have improved a little in the time when ours just deteriorated. Many many doctors in the USA are from India.

I find email humor to be less than inspiring. No one in their right mind in other media would have things that are this elitist, well Fox News aside I mean. Poor people are actually eating our lunch in the capitalistic system, while we stand by and laugh at their clothes or whatever. No longer fettered by Godless colonialism where industrialized countries bled them dry of resources, they now free to push ahead using the Godless values of capitalism. I'm guessing the former will have been more profitable than the latter, for us.

The comparison made is between the rich and the poor, with the poor being dehumanized and the rich given more credit than is due. I would want to see all the kids on rich school buses with small computers or better yet, learning devices similar to airplane personal TVs safely embedded in the seat in front of them. On airplanes a small remote control gives a variety of options and is wired to the seat for safety. The tech is there, (probably on some very extravagant buses, too, for the purposes of entertainment) but it is used for entertainment for those who can afford plane travel rather than for education. These oversize screens make no sense on a school bus. Is that the underlying message? That both are ridiculous. I doubt it. That is too subtle for this email.

Disney used small TVs for video describing the cruise I was going on. But they weren't very interactive. They were educational and highly entertaining. After all, relax, you're on vacation. Now why again is vacation more important than our schools? Oh well, I'm chilling on this topic. I just hope I get no more emails like this one, reminders that relaxing is not the best idea in the world for our kids.

"So the last will be first, and the first will be last." (Matthew 20 16) It is ironic that we paid little or less attention to this than India did with an entirely different religion influencing their history. "Blessed are the poor; woe to the rich" (Luke 6 17-26)  Oh, the irony that we have ignored so much, at our peril and possible demise. The seeds of arrogant destruction are continuously sown, even today, after we know better. Relax though. Isn't that Indian school bus a hoot?