Saturday, August 4, 2012

Official Dedication of my Blog

My Dedication Proper— [(OR, A Sterne-esque Moment Belabored with Thought and Attention For and To an Important Subject, Though Neglected Until Now-- Such Voluminous Neglect Befitting the Titular Nature of This Blog—Disguised as If a Deed of Emulation to Honor the Dedicatee —and as it Appears The Cat Has Strolled Easily Out of the Now Loosening Burlap Sack, an Entry Worth Only a Perfunctory Skim and Nod--) OR, My Dedication Improper, in the Light of Current Parenthetical Happenstance That is Bewildering Even to Me but Seems as I Say, "In Keeping...")] to Laurence Sterne

Recent events have me reading Mr. Sterne’s Tristan Shandy (a Cock and Bull Story) yet again, albeit this time in an electronic way hitherto unimaginable or of which I had only some vague notions, not affecting as it does the actual act of information dissemination but redefining it in some mysteriously dynamic way. This book being truly among the most personally inspiring visions of curmuffle ever penned, I bow in humility. In the memory of this great writer and man responsible for leading me generously astray in life, of which I know but piddlywads about personally or biographically, I have quite and most intentionally put off until this very proper moment, as a parody of Mr. Sterne himself, for my dedication of this blog.  With all the pomposity appropriate to any event that needs such artificial gravitas to signify its own importance and singularity, I, Michael DeVore, Esq. hereby dedicate my blog:
“To a Distinguished Gentleman of Mixed Humors Who Has Given Me Joy throughout the Years and to Whom I Owe an Excellent Mark in My All But Ill-fated Choice of Literature Classes Entitled “Eighteenth Century Novel” – a choice based hastily upon the word “novel” and a lack of historical understanding of the century involved—Leading to an Inevitable Understanding that a Literature Degree was Probably Not Worth the Bearing or Literary Instructor Worth the Baring. Yes, I Toast You Sir Sterne, if the Toaster be of Excellent Condition because Perfectly Toasted is A Must, I am Sir Sterne, Forever in your Debt though Not Literally for I Despise Many a Moneylender, Unless a Family Member of the Reader’s be of Such Temperament”

--No, I say, Barclay's be Damned. Banks All be Damned For their Accursed Immoral Values Regardless of the Reader's Ancestors and or Current Relations, or Distant Relatives, or Even Acquaintances and Friends, nor Withstanding the Fact that My Ex-Wife Became a Broker--

My undying thanks to Laurence Sterne for changing me beyond the hope of being a victim of the society of those of ill gained wealth and for unsuccinctly teaching me the importance of books and the written word.