Saturday, April 20, 2013

Please Don't Refrain from Criticizing BAD News Networks

There is not a thing CNN does for the liberals, not a thing. Personally being a liberal, I held the view that CNN did up until yesterday. No matter how bad CNN's reporting was, FOX Noise was the alternative. If people watched Fox Noise then obviously, they are lost to further reasoning skills. It is not far off base... but if CNN has only Fox Noise to be morally superior to, we have a problem.

Thankfully, MSNBC stepped up to the plate. No matter what you think about MSNBC, I encourage you to put your full weight behind it. CNN is a potboiling rag. I have seen them descend. I watched them from the early years when viewers, I being a loud one, were behind them hoping that someday they could challenge the big three networks that limited us to scraps from their non-affiliate half hour table and Sunday shows. This dynamic is no more. CNN has grown past the phase of awkward teenager and never quite made it into a reputable adulthood. CNN hurts America, (just like Jon Stewart said all those years ago). No they don't do it as as badly or egregiously as Fox Noise. But keep in mind that this thing goes both ways. CNN,in being the understood competition of Fox Noise, gives Fox an easy competitor to make their own network look better. The ratings fight between the two in the rag business drags them down.

This is the classic example of a false liberal as with anyone named liberal that gets past Rush Limbaugh's tel phone screening, or anyone who appears as a liberal on Fox Noise. Hannity and what's his name. Don't fall into the pit with CNN. They either need to change or their days are numbered. Ratings are falling for Fox and CNN, and MSNBC either gains or falls less. Time will do the trick as the audience for un-Fox news grows with the young generation. Give MSNBC all your support.