Friday, April 29, 2011

The End

This blog will be ending soon. I have already spelled out the reasons in my amiable blog. There will be other blogs that will be published for varying lengths of times. Some will be limited by the limited nature of their content, some will be probably go on forever. This blog will basically become a catch all blog separate from a personal blog. It will not be located here. I think I prefer for these blogs to be annonymous to give myself the truest freedom of speech I can, freedom that does not involve repercussions or hurt feelings or worry.

It is fun to think of a fresh start. I sincerely do love Laurence Sterne mentioned in a number of blog entries. His writing has been my guiding principle  in this blog and even those who take an 18th Century novel class may miss his wit of deconstructing the writing process. I sit here now overlooking Orange Beach Florida waching the lovely ocean waves. After the devestating tornadoes that made their way through many parts of Alabama it is nice to be at a place where the effect was only strong breezes and a coolness that is uncharacteristic on a day like this in Alabama. It is a fitting place to say goodbye.