Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cutting Edge Intelligence

By accident, Fox News (the channel which the TV set was left on by the previous occupant of the condo we are using for vacation) played for about 20 minutes and the two most air headed "contributors" from right and left traded commentaries about President Obama's convention speech of the previous night. At first I thought that the liberal lady (model type beauty) was chosen simply because she looked good and was air headed. She talked only in platitudes like "played to the base" that could have been said after any political speech ever given. But, then, just as I was about to change the channel thinking Fox News had obviously and intentionally provided a bad spokesperson for the left, a twin air headed person speaking for the right (same model type beauty) said things even more platitudinous and devoid of intelligent thought. It was worth about five more minutes before I turned the channel and landed on a local area public access channel. I watched two very youthful Orange Beach girls teach me how to make mini pizzas and how to slice various vegetables correctly and with safety. Hold the knife like this so that it doesn't slip; slice onions like this; slice bell peppers like this; and remove this funny looking piece and throw it away. These girls were brilliant. They made smiley faces out of the vegetables on the tomato sauce covered dough they had already taught me to roll out and stretch. As one dropped a pizza round after trying the on "top of the knuckle" method that professionals use to stretch the dough, she said, "It's okay if you drop it as long as it doesn't go on the floor. Obviously this method is not working out for me so I will use the rolling pin some more." It was quite enjoyable to see how well they had prepared for the show. "This is the part of the onion where the roots come out, and this is the part where the green growth comes out, because onions grow underground." Mom was called in to put the pizzas in the oven for safety. Really cute AND thoughtful stuff. I loved it! Oh yes, do not wash the mushrooms in water but use a dry paper towel to clean them. Mushrooms soak up water like a sponge. These budding TV personalities and intelligent girls were clearly not destined for the likes of Fox News.