Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just a spectacular graphic! Unknown source. Found on someone's blog.

Finally I decided to go ahead and explain this the way I see it.

Remember, Romney was pushed through by the elite of the party, which disconcerted many, with the goal of ridding the White House and country of Obama. Here the analogy is to the Trojan Horse in this case  built to fool the voters to let the Republicans who caused the financial mess back into power.  Once in power they fully intend to control Romney so he is basically a non-entity, a facade. Remember the quote about not needing a candidate that could think but one who would get elected? They would do the thinking and he would have to tag along for the ride. Remember, these are people who do not compromise, who do not back down regardless of a country in dire need of help. They are willing to go the edge of doom to get things exactly their way. They are willing to play chicken with a car speeding at them until the other guy develops the sanity of pulling to the side. The other guy has no way to stop them without sacrificing everything.