Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mitt's Flaws, Not Clint's

I have been kind of wondering why some people think all of the jokes about "the chair" are somehow mean spirited and cruel. The reason the speech seemed so odd was precisely the cruelty and disrespect Clint Eastwood showed towards the President. There were snarky remarks, remarks that blamed a war from President Bush on President Obama, and worse, two remarks that basically said the President (with no way to respond) had asked Romney and Clint to go F themselves.

It is not uncommon for a mob to create an effigy of a hated figure and do terrible things to it. It is not so common at a convention. The Romney, or GOP people, responsible did not vet the speech, trusting Clint Eastwood for some reason, to ad lib without teleprompters. The jokes about "the chair" are mostly not pointed at Clint Eastwood's personal character but at the incompetence of the Romney "kiss my a**" people who all let Clint Eastwood twist in the wind.

Not unlike every other touchy situation, they found other people to blame and swallow what should have been their responsibility. For those who have made this some kind of mean spirited attack on Clint Eastwood, I even hesitate to criticize them. Clint Eastwood burned an effigy of Obama in one of the most public of places and, despite what some people think about some imagined infirmity on his part, he is a highly intelligent man capable of writing, directing, and acting. His weakness is in having the ego of a man who believes he knows better than those around him and overestimates his own ability to create a spontaneous stage presence.

Comedy aside, the whole affair was such an accurate metaphor for the GOP, it is hard to overstate it. In attacking people with meanness, making untrue accusations, creating an evil Obama out of thin air, and treating those of us who respect the President to a sorry display of utter hatred, THEY cross the line. The Democrats have, for all too long, rolled over in the face of things like this, the dehumanizing of us all. In general liberal folks do not display the type of hatred that, say, the tea party folks, display without reserve. Liberals generally do not even do this in response to the hatred they receive. But times have changed as hatred has piled upon hatred, often by those who act morally superior, and now the liberal side is actually fighting back. And enough IS enough. Eventually you punch the boy in the nose who constantly steals your lunch money.

For further reading on the "chair" incident and the flaws it illustrates: