Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aimlessness Everywhere

My 99th post!

And let's look back. I'm still skirting around reading politics as best I can. It's the stress thing. I have not been reading much about the "big deal" compromise that is likely to happen and actually attempt to balance the budget (is it?) in the midst of the Bank Deregulation Depression. I guess it is only me that sees this as odd. I hope this "big deal" doesn't become the "New Deal in Reverse."  Picture the next election cycle as the Republicans possibly take more power and presumably finally start pumping the then needed money into the perilous economy (from where? borrowed money, or money from seniors and the poor?) in the form of.... tax cuts, maybe? Then we can get on with our struggling detiorating lives and the rich can let go and spend their money in ways that "trickle down." Who knows? We have been in uncharted territory for a while. There, that is the best I can make things out, and the real world appears as aimless as I ever was. :)  Other than read this article: I can do little else but ponder the vague aimlessness.

Life is just not the same in this brave new world that contains this much evidence for proving the evil what we all knew is the evil.

From Great Britain.

Doing a search, in celebration of my 99th post, for "aimless blog" on Google Images I found all three of my newest blog title graphics listed on the first page!

I love this graphic from the titular group:

Just awesome in it's imagery!

And finally there was this graphic which I also love:

(from this blog

Can I steal it, oh please? Maybe they won't notice. They blog in English but live in Sweden which is truely aimless. And their graphic is so much better than mine and their blog name is just "Aimless" which, had I thought of it, would have been far better for mine. Darn.