Friday, July 22, 2011

Post 101: Same Sex Couples and Al Franken, My Senator :)

I think I have stated before that I helped two campaigns last presidential election cycle, Al Franken, then Barack Obama. I watched and listened to Al Franken's political show and when he decided to run, even though he was not running in my state, I was quick to show my support in the form of money. Keep in mind, I have almost never given money to campaigns before. However, this time around I decided that since my vote down here in the deep south had basically never helped anyone get elected, I would vote with my pocketbook. My monetary vote would count for the first time on the national scene since I could remember. Then Barack Obama became available and I was with him before the first primary, with money. I actually got to vote for the soon to be President AND the all important 60th Senatorial vote for the Democratic Caucus. How exciting. Since then, Senator Franken has lost that 60th vote position but... the following clip shows just what I wanted from my congressman. The effective use of sarcasm in this clip shows the possibilities of having intelligent people with true oratorical skills to help us all understand. Franken's subtle humor is much much more effective in Congress. On this auspicious occasion of my 101st post, I proudly give you... Al Franken:

Channeling Sigmund

Those were certainly creative days for subtle innuendo.