Sunday, July 31, 2011

Taxes for Rich Off The Table

Source: TPM/DC
This Tea Party rally in Washington against the earlier Boehner plan is so small you can almost pick out the March Hare. Really!?!  This is the giant movement that has protected the rich from taxes and runs things in the House of Representatives?

To be fair I think most of the rich were too busy celebrating by smoking cigars in tuxedos while drinking champaign with chocolate covered strawberries to be bothered. :)  But honestly, we must assume by this chain of events that the ordinary voter wants debt reduction, thinks this is a good thing to do in the middle of a depression, and wants to pay for it out of his own pocket despite the theft of funds previously by the rich that caused all the trouble. People still want oil companies to get government handouts while their medicare is ransacked. It is astonishing what must be the spirit of the age in the midst of a depression, no less. Fox News alone could not have all that much influence, could they? Well, certainly not in this "rally."