Friday, August 26, 2011

Mrs. Dorothy Burson

My recent posts were in honor of my good friend's mother.... all the music and flowers were the best I could do here to honor her life in the way I can. Her life was celebrated by friends and family today. I have my little odd moments when I want to do something and cannot. So I posted what I thought was respectful and what she would truly enjoy.  In this process, I was trying to figure out what she and I have in common, that made her so special to me. She reminded me so much of my own mom. Her interest in her son (and daughter and grandson) was paramount. She would talk politics so well, it would surprise you every time. She showed a big interest in the Beatles because her son had a great interest. In this respect, since my friend and I have had this lifelong interest in common, his mom reminded me so much of my own late mother who also shared this love for what I loved.

I thought about what I could portray in photographs that would be a suiting end to this portion of my blog. I had a thought of posting a picture of the pizza parlor which had recently become the common place to meet her and her son to eat. I certainly will never go in that building again without her foremost in my mind.

Knowing how kind she was and what a realistic sharp mind she had, I thought about something in the middle of the service that would have put a smile on her face in the right circumstances. It is one of those little things that make you think about life with all it's imperfections and yet with all it's humor and kindness.

The people gathered would repeat a prayer that Mrs. Burson had cut out of a newspaper. But in the little booklet that was given us, there was a typo. I'm sure Mrs. Burson, with her good natured wit, would have had a smile on her face as the entreaty of our heavenly Father "And hel[sic] me when I falter" was noticeably spoken a little less clear as people faltered on the words. She would smile and probably laugh that kind laugh I remember.

There is so much to remember about Mrs. Burson. I loved her very much and I will miss the mother who raised my best friend.

One last song that will now, as I post it here, always make me remember Mrs. Burson and her love for dogs and pets.

Martha My Dear
(listen to the lyrics about Paul's love of his pet dog, Martha)

I always thought he must have had to leave the dog a lot because of his busy life and was entreating Martha to remember him, to not forget him.