Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Texas Tea Irony

Exxon-Mobile has formed an "alliance" with Russia's largest oil producing company, the state owned Rosnef. Such news should rightfully send shivers down the spine of Michele Bachman who after all believes that we all fear the "rise of the Soviet Union [sic]." But I do want to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she accidentally referred to Reagan's "evil empire" instead of the Russia that is our friend and ally. And I do want to believe that she was talking about the rise of Russia in terms of economic power. But if Fox News, the mouth organ of the right, readily broadcasts that Warren Buffet is a socialist because Buffet wants a more progressive income tax can I really stay away from outlandish stereotyping and be relevant?

How can a Tea Party Republican contender not now jump in there and address Exxon-Mobile's red commie leanings? Part of the financial agreement appears to be in giving the Soviets, umm Russians, properties off the coast of Texas to practice deep water drilling on. The big picture here is that soon enough the Arctic will be free of ice and the Russians have property rights in the area. In exchange for some of the properties of Exxon-Mobile, notably some in deep water drilling areas, the Russians give Exxon the right to explore off their Arctic coast, a deal the Russians formerly were trying with BP. Is it cold in here? I felt a shudder. Sure the environmental risk screams out for our attention here but a Bachman administration may stereotypically have connections in this area as evidenced by recent remarks about God trying to get the attention of her political foes with a hurricane and an earthquake. Gosh, I'm being unfair in this stereotype, because she later said, "Of course I was being humorous when I said that. It would be absurd to think anything else." So you have to guess she would be awesome at a post-Katrina Press Correspondents' Dinner.

I feel guilty about stereotyping to be relevant, but I guess I feel that candidate Bachman should publicly put her foot down over the continuing tax breaks to oil companies like Exxon-Mobile if she also logically considers the possibility that Exxon is treasonous in providing the Ruskies with the opening we have denied them for so many years, the power to build large threatening structures along our southern border. :)